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Started in the year 2005, Ride for safety is an initiative by Vijay D Jain with the sole purpose of sensitising the masses about traffic sense. With the increase in the number of vehicles over the years the numbers of road accidents too have increased. Amongst the number of accidents taken place over the years once can see that the most number of fatalities come from that of two wheelers. In rare cases the victims lost their life purely due to head injuries with little or no injury to the body. It goes to prove that helmets and not LOUD PIPES save lives. On the other hand there have been incidents when the two-wheeler in question was totalled however the rider escaped with minor bruises because the rider was wearing a helmet or appropriate riding gear in addition to the helmet.

According to Vijay Jain (MD - Wheelieboy Adventures) who is an award winning biker and the person behind the Ride for Safety bike rally, “Riding should be a passion and must be done for you and not to show the world. Youngsters these days often tend to forget the disciplines of being a good rider. Every sport has its charm and beauty, the talent is not to misuse the sport for sole purpose of amusing your spectators. A rider’s desire will always inch him closer to drifting through sharp turns, or make that narrow gap between two vehicles count. A push on the throttle will always excite him, while his bike rides like a bolt through the traffic leaving others uncomforted. A renowned rider is one who is in control of his desires and knows how to be responsible. Very few riders are endowed with the ability to resist themselves from taking unwanted risks; this is a golden attribute every rider must learn.”

About WheelieBoy

Wheelieboy organizes events like Ride for Safety (The Helmet Awareness Rally), Stunt shows, Super bike shows, Dirt track and Drag Race.

Wheelieboy's profile Vijay 'Wheelieboy' Jain is one of the first celebrity stuntmen to win the hearts of motorcycle-stunt enthusiasts in the country. Famous for his flamboyant personality, on the track and off it, Wheelieboy is a big hit with all the local stunt riders across the country.

Ride For Safety

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